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Our team

Behind every sucess is a strong team.

I am always striving to hier the best experts for our mandates.

As educated financial clerk i have established my first business in 1994. From this point on i am multi-entrepreneur in many fields and branches. I myself act as business angel and participate in a multitude of businesses. I also have sucessfully sold and brought many companies to the stock exchange. From these expereinces i know how important it is to have people in my team that are outstanding in their respective fields, and bring the specific know-how needed. Besides Angelus i manage a multitude of businesses actively. But without a fitting team i could only do so much.

I have always worked as consultant and coach. In my eyes it is important to share my hard gained knowledge and abilities. Because only if everyone tries to develop themselves and others responsibly we have a chance that our children can make use of our planet.

Behind Angelus Management Beratungs und Service KG stands a team that can show extensive experience as entrepreneur, venture capitalists, business angel and stategic consultant. The teams experience includes more than 900 secured business models, 49 accompanied investments, 38 private placements, 9 IPOs and 16 trade sales. Our specialists in the areas start-up, funding, business development, finacning and cotrolling support our mandates and portfolio ventures competent and solution oriented.

Besides these knowing assets our consulting partners bring expert knowledge in special market segments and industry areas into their consulting work.
More than 15 years of experience in the market secure our sucessful work.

Make use of our team and know-how for your sucess.

Yours sincerely, Thomas Gross