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Private label funds


Establish a private label fund and profit from:

  • Our network
  • Our market competence
  • Our know-how

Which we gathered accompanying many fund concepts.
This is the basis for a trustworthy cooperation between us and our mandates, keeping in mind that establishing a private label fund is a essential and complex process.


You have the idea – We develop your fund concept.

No matter the type of fund you want to establish, we got you covered. We develop the fitting solution and will gladly consult you in distribution and investor relations.


The choice of the fund concept is one of the most important choices to develop the right strategy.

There is a variety of fund concepts, each with its own legal obligations and resulting requirements to be met. Because a fund in in principle a collection pool for capital, supervised by a mangement by set rules. Depending on the investment idea, investor count, participation size and other parameters we will find the fitting concept for your fund. We are familiar with any fund concept, be it closed fund, open public fund, special fund or certificate strategies.


Our services include:

  • Provision of fund management board
  • Establishment preperation and business conduct
  • Selection and provision of registered office
  • Distribution aid through our far-reaching network of partners
  • Custodian function through different partnered banks
  • Monetary, currency and security trade for different banks and asset managers
  • Fund accounting

This is just a small excerpt of our offered services. We organise every step and task that may result in your individual case.


Risk management is an essential part of fund management.

The management and limitation of risks is closely monitored by fund managers and supervisal authorities . The return should be in a healthy relation to the risk class of the fund.

The law makers also require a risk management for each special capital that corresponds to the individual asset class. We provide professional tools through our partners, which offer a tailored controlling and monitoring of the fund concept.


The constant control of the set goal through fitting controlling concepts secures the management of the fund.

Trough controlling goals will be monitored through identification numbers and adapted if necessary.
Our controlling service is also offered for funds not initiaded by us. Even if you already have established and run multiple funds we offer this service to you. this way the fund management is always secure and not affected by market fluctuation or contrary market developments.
This way conceptional adaptions can be done quickly and without impacting the image.
Even if you experience positive developments of returns legal obligations must be adhered to.

We accompany you in every phase.

If you are interested in a free first consultation reach out to us using our contact form at the bottom of each page.

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