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Welcome to Angelus Group.
With strategic consultation, creative solutions, sustainable results and an expertise like no other. What ever goal you wish to achieve, with us you will reach your goals sustainably.


Business and financial plans from experts in their field.

Without a meaningful business and financial plan the search for investors is hopeless. Benefit from our expertise and get a consultation today.

Company founding


Many details decide between sucess and failure. Our founding specialists help keeping every detail in mind. From UG, GmbH or AG, with us founding a company becomes an easy task.

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Your vision – realized

  • With full attention to your project.
  • With comprehensive expertise.
  • With an alert eye for the unpredictable.
  • With Angelus Managementberatungs und Service KG

We are professionals in the field of business consulting and corporate finance consulting for innovative and growing business ventures.

Companies in search for capital are prepared and informed optimally for the possibilities and demands of the capital market.

=> Businesses need capital to expand.

=> Investors need serious investment opportunities to achieve returns.

This is the area we have covered.

Besides we offer specialised services for our mandates in the fields of:

Corporate governance / Corporate planning / Corporate financing

Benefit from our expertise and our knowledge.

The four pillars of a trustful cooperation

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We are consultants and companions for every phase of business growth.
Our focus is the achieving of our clients goals.
During our conversations we take all the time necessary to discuss your goals extensively. This is the only way to make your goals understood. Together we work out a plan that make your goals safely reachable.

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Strategic planning

The pillars of our work:
Years of experience in this area paired with unbroken joy for new ideas and unconventional thinking.
This way we help you manage challenges and plan for the future.

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Personal care

Making plans is easy. Relaizing plans is a master craft!

Fortunately we are masters, and as such we are aviavable to help you realize your plans.

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A big word.
It has to be protected from overusing.
We take things seriously. Without honesty, transparency and responsible action challenges can not be faced
especially in our branch.
Benefit from this and trust us.

We will not disappoint.

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