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Equity and growth capital for businesses


Businesses need capital to expand.
Investors need investment possibilities to achieve returns. This is where we offer our services.

We are specialists for:

  • Start-ups
  • Expansion financing of established businesses
  • Funding consultation for expansion financing
  • Finance strategies for business purchases as part of succession planning
  • Activation and rental of patents and property rights
  • Equity strategies for financing growth periods

We have many years of experience and the best market access.
Our goal is to support your business. We develop innovative solutions that play a big part of your sucess.


Growth capital

  • Direct participation
  • Indirect participation
  • Equity through private placements

There are many forms of participations in businesses and their financing. We can only offer a short essay here.

Direct participation:

Direct participations or active participations are usually made by wealthy private investors, that eventually also engage in daily business. These are what we call business angels.

Indirect participation:

In a indirect participation investors invest through fonds or shares in venture capital fonds or participation companies. These institutions participate with capital in the business. These forms of participation contracts are usually freely debatable, following the guidelines of the participants.

In these two forms there are many different possibilities of practical interests and requirements. Many investors specialize to make better investment decisions. For the company in search of capital a participation through professional investors offers a possibility to widen their knowledge and contacts.

Equity through private placement:

Raising equity through distribution of benefit certificate and other typees of securities:
This form of financing is suitable starting from a capital of 200.000€ to 100 Million €. the advantage is that this type of capital is counted as euquity. So no commitments and a lower debt.

This type of placement is also called a pre-IPO, as a preliminary stage of IPO at stock exchange. Raising equity through a capital market emission is generally suitable for every company that has established itself long-term on the market and is planning a expansion financing. This process usually lasts for about 12 months. We accompany you through the entire phase. From planning to realization. We can provide a network of banks and financial service providers that take care of the placement for your emission.


Stock market accompaniment

We accompany your business to the stock exchange if the general stock market maturity is given. Our experienced consultant team specializes in the following services:

  • Pre-IPO financing through banks and other institutions to finance the costs before participating in the stock market.
  • Detection of stock exchange maturity. Accompaniment preparing stock exchange maturity, processing the equity story
  • Planning of the placement concept
  • Execution of financial and legal due diligence.
  • Creation of the security prospectus with knowledgeable lawyers.
  • Executiion of preparations for legal starting point, communication with authorities
  • Compilation of placement consortium
  • Creation of the needed presentation
  • Preparation of the entire financial marketing including road shows and press appointments
  • Analysts care
  • Supervision of the practical and technical execution
  • Follow-up support for investors and subscribers
  • Coaching of the people in the company who are responsible for subsequent financial marketing

We would be happy to invite you to a free initial consultation and a cost-effective needs analysis. Simply contact us using our form.

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