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Franchising is the cooperation of businesses with the scope of mutual economic expansion. In exchange for a fee you provide your partner with rights that allow him to use your proven business model with your standards. Your brand will expand and will gain notoriety. Your partner profits of the brand and your know-how while you profit from the sucess of your partners.

  • Franchisors provide the brand, their know-how and a functioning system.
  • Franschisee´s are self-employed businessman and avoid multiple obstacles using your proven business model and system.

Franchisors and franchisee`s need to comply with franchise-specific rules to avoid conflict with the law.
Contracts, franchise manuals and much more needs to adhere to the current laws. We are specialists in the realization and consultation of franchising systems and help with turning your plans into a sucessful system.

Our consultation offers:

  • Development of the franchising system
  • Composition of franchising contract
  • Documentation of the necessary know-how
  • Creation of the manual
  • Financial support for franchisee`s
  • Search and selection of franchisee`s
  • Creation of the sales concept
  • Legal basis
  • Guidelines
  • System management
  • Quality management
  • Conflict management
  • Process and organisation
  • Internal marketing in the franchise system
  • Controlling of the franchise-system
  • initial and continuing education

Benefit from our know-how and our network.

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