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The sale of requests and open positions is defined as factoring.

Factoring is a inexpensive, liquidity maintaining source of financing for small and medium sized companies and businesses.
With factoring solutions you can finance growth periods and short-term boosts in business ideally.

Trough factoring businesses optimize their balance and improve their liquidity situations and equity ratio. Businesses that use factoring solutions are freed from the administrative tasks of debitor management.

We determine the optimal factoring solution for your business and take care of every step of the process and surveillance. Use our contacts and our know-how for your success.

What we can do for you:

Since starting in this industry we have helped dozens of clients to find the right factoring partner. We help businesses maintain and strengthen their liquidity and equity. We enable businesses to grow and manage additional turnovers. We offer an all-round-service to our clients, which we tailor to their specific needs. We find solutions in the area of factoring, no matter where our clients do their business. We boast a portfolio of renowned partners inland and in foreign countries.

Our clients stand in the center of our efforts. A fair partnerships with our clients is a matter of the heart.

Your benefits – No more outstanding debits!

  • Submit your invoices and receive up to 100% of the total in 1-3 business days to your account. This way outstanding debits turn into instant bank balance.
  • Secure payments and no more pending payments. Factoring protects from payment failures, for example a clients bankruptcy.
  • We will find the right factoring partner for you.
  • We help in organizing your needed documents for your factoring agreement.
  • We help transition your accounting department to factoring.

All from one partner.

When is factoring suitable?

Your business is suitable for factoring when:

  • Your yearly sales are minumum: 500.000,-€ per year
  • 40% of your clients are business clients.
  • You are at the disposal of a minimum of 30% of regular clients.
  • Your average invoice amounts are not under 1.000,-€
  • Your business has a positive revenue prognosis.
  • Your services and products are delivered fully and correct before billing.
  • The payment goal is from 30 to 90 days.

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