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Corporate liquidation


Correct resolution and completion.

The definiton corporate liquidation means that a business is no longer wanted or needed in the current form. The corporation must then be settled.
In the interest of the shareholders this should be done abiding current laws and while preserving as much capital as posiibile.

The reasons for corporate liquidation can vary.

For example:

  • A failed bankruptcy process
  • The exit of essential shareholders
  • Because of old age, if no suitable successor can be found
  • The business model is not up-to-date anymore.

During the liquidation process the company is processed with every right and duty, commitment and assets juristically.

The assets that are left in the end are usually divided among shareholders.
As part of the process there are many individual choices to be made that can have extensive consequences.
We and our network are familiar with all problem statements that can result individually in each case.

In this are we can offer the following services:

  • The creation of the liquidation plan while respecting law and tax duties
  • The creation of a risk analysis – Know if the liquidation can bring law and tax risks for shareholders
  • The practical processing of liquidations if needed with provision of a experienced liquidator

Make use of our know-how and network.

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