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License system:

The licence system Angelus Consult is based on the more than 20 years of experience in business of our founder Thomas Gross as business developer. The Angelus Management Beratungs und Service KG acts as licensor with the complete and extensive know-how of the founder Thomas Gross and the consulting team.


The licensor has consulted business clients in all of germany, austria and swtzerland and accepted client specific project mandates. Resulting is a running mandate in the field of consulting and coaching. With a license from Angelus Consult you can work together with a variety of businesses and industry sectors. These businesses are active in exciting and growing markets. As a partner of the licensor you can be sure that you and your clients are optimally accustomed and ready for the future. The special service is that we will take care of everything in the background. You will take care of your clients on site. Every consulting and project handling service is provided by our specialists. You are only responsible for customer care.

Angelus Consult specializes in accompaniment of the entire business establishment cycle. We accompany you with researching and developing your business strategy. We procure the financing or funding. We establish branches abroad. We optimize the tax strategy. We convey suppliers and much more.

If you choose to launch your own business consulting with Angelus Consult you have a network of professionals at your disposal. We do not only know the theory, but we also perfected the practical approach with the experience we gathered from all our projects.

The core of Angelus Consult consists of concepts developed for practice. We do not hesitate to adapt these concepts to current situations. This way our licensesees can help their B2B clients to long lasting sucess.

What advantages are offered starting your business with us?
If you choose an axclusive Angelus Consult license you profit in many aspects. For one, Angelus Consult has become a renowned name in the business developing branch, this is backed up by references. You can kickstart your business right from the start. You can offer any type of business consulting through Angelus Consult. You can fall back on a established supraregional network. You can start very easily and start aquiring clients right away. It is even possibile starting part-time and develop a second source of income with business consulting.

How does Angelus Consult support you establishing your consulting business?
We support our licensees with a professional training and education. You receive excellent practice-oriented coachings. We also educate you in marketing and sales strategies. We help you automate the generation of mandates. You work together with a network of specialists. This network supplies solutions and know-how for every important aspect of business consulting.
We help with localisation analysis.


What do you need to have to become a licensee of Angelus Consult?

If you are interested in a licence form Angelus Consult you should have great communicative and organisational talent. If you are already working in this sector you can widen your service spectrum with a licence from Angelus Consult. Because of the optimal training and the systematic business procedure you can also start as a complete career change.


What are the next steps to obtain a licence from Angelus Consult?

Do you want to be a partner of a business consulting business that can look back at a sucess story of many years in the international business sector? You are interested in a long term and honest cooperation that you can also start as career changer?
Then all you have to do is reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of each page. We will get in touch with you and arrange our first call. In this call we will discuss every detail and anwser your questions.

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